Residual Income

Internet based income comes in many and varied forms and one of the main income streams is known as ”Residual Income” or passive income.

That is, income that comes over and over again, for work that you have done once. It is generally linked to building and educating a team of fellow affiliates who join your team and you earn commissions on the work that they do.

My main ”Residual Income” at this stage is with SFI – Strong Future International, an ethical, free to join, incredible learning resource with over 90,000 products for resale, that I can earn commissions from.

The main thing about SFI for me is the Team Building aspect with the aim of building a strong residual income for life.

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Welcome To My SFI Review

Strong Future International – SFI, is an affiliate opportunity that has stood the test of time. Having been around for 19 years this, ”strong online income power source”, now in over 190 countries around the world is truly worth some investigation.

Selling over 90,000 products with a unique workable business model, encouraging insightful training and strong leadership, SFI is a true role model to the entire online marketing industry.

I believe in multiple streams of income, as you may have already read somewhere in previous posts in my blog, and thoroughly recommend that you click on any of the links in this post and see how this business can help you bring in your own healthy cash flow.

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Strong Future International – SFI

What has impressed me tremendously with SFI so far is the support and encouragement from the corporate team and the depth and simplicity of the website. The Member Affiliate Centre is easily worked through with a Daily To-Do List that helps you build your business from scratch and as you build your team, you are able to email them from within the system, negating the need for you to get yourself an expensive autoresponder!

Everything you need to know and do is contained within the SFI member affiliate centre. Training, Tools, Marketing know how, Leaderboards, Upline and Downline Access and upto date News from around the globe.

The SFI products, accessed through TripleClicks, can be everything from multi-vitamins to computers to Ebooks, to you name it you’ll probably find it!! You can simply search for things you would normally buy on a weekly basis and simply get them delivered to your door, freeing time to do other important activities that you would rather do!

The more I see in the SFI opportunity the more impressed I become and I’m truly greatful I stumbled across Tanja, my sponsors, advert.

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Take Care