Smith Wigglesworth – Just a Plumber!

Smith Wigglesworth – Who is He? Smith Wigglesworth left school and became a plumber, running his own business I believe, when in a short space of time – his life changed forever! ‘It is said that when [Wigglesworth] visited San Francisco, so many people wanted to hear him that he preached and ministered by walking […]

Cash Flow – Understanding It

Getting a grip on cash flow. I’m no accountant and certainly not an economic whiz kid but for some reason I am actually very interested in cash flow, learning about it, passing on information in down to earth language about it and of course earning it and having it. You need to realise though that […]

Sarah Willingham

TV and Radio personality – Sarah Willingham – A Star!! Learning how to generate your own healthy cash flow can be a difficult thing to do, but when you are open to learning from the Experts, then life is a lot easier. Sarah Willingham Sarah is a financial wiz and there are many things that […]

Healthy Cash Flow? What is it?

What is a Healthy Cash Flow? In what we call conventional business today, cash flow is the measure of money flowing in and out of your business at any given time. In an ideal business cycle, you will always have more cash flowing in than flowing out. But the reality is, however, that most businesses have […]