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Understanding Affiliate Marketing TODAY

Hi – Colin Thomson here.

I’m an Electrician, part time Affiliate Marketer, am enjoying life to the full and I have created this website to help people understand some of the basics of Internet Marketing, which include earning Residual and Commission based incomes. Sounds good so far then read on and learn more today.

So as you have ended up on my website today, Why are you wanting to earn an online income?

Needing a second income

Wanting to start an online business

Have a product to promote

Have an event to promote?

Well whatever your answer, I’m glad you found my website today and I hope you find some useful information to lead you to the answers you are seeking, that will help you achieve whatever goals you may have, for an affiliate marketing career.

The primary online opportunity I am involved with is now Wealthy Affiliate and this has overtaken my previous work with SFI, Strong Future International.

Wealthy Affiliate is a truly wonderful program where you learn exactly how to create a website and build an online business at the same time as you learn. Truly real and truly unbelievable value. Free to start and then either $49/mth or an annual investment of $359/yr which includes, domains, hosting, security, keyword search tool and much much more. Yes that is less than $1.00 a day.

Once you are in with Wealthy Affiliate and have upgraded from Free (7 day trial) to a Premium membership, you are not asked to upgrade to anything else. Go Premium and that is it!!

The best way to learn internet marketing is to be mentored, to be shown the way. I had tried for years, struggling to understand what to do and when to do it.

I have been on courses, conferences, bought this ebook and signed up to that ezine and newsletter.

All to seemingly no avail. Yes I have learned a heck of a lot and I see my learning as an investment in myself and my business BUT the struggle can be frustrating.

Having learned a lot with SFI over the last 2 years (2015/2017) I am amazed at what is happening with Wealthy affiliate.

You are taken by the hand and shown what to do and how to do it and if you are teachable, then You Will Succeed. That is my guarantee to you today.

Once you are generating an income, by doing the basics, following the training, then you can move laterally a little, experiment and bring in more strategies to create further growth – BUT initially do the basics recommended here and success will come.

Here is a Taster of some of the training you will receive from Kyle co-founder of WA and the main teacher….

To Earn A Healthy Cash Flow online today is so simple and basic but you need to do your apprenticeship. You need to go to college or university to learn how to make descent money and an internet marketing career is no different.

So Get Involved Now and I will help you along the way

You can Read My Wealthy Affiliate Review Here 

Take Care – Colin Thomson

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